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The land for the headquarters warehouse is purchased and permanently owned by Titan, ensuring the stability and continuity of business. The local government has also reserved development land, which has sufficient development space. The warehouse is built to high standards based on an international warehousing model, with efficient design and advanced equipment. The warehouse is located near highways, railway freight yards, seaports, and airports, with convenient transportation. We have built 20 branch companies and distribution warehouses in core cities in various regions of China, with reasonable layout and effective warehousing and logistics coverage throughout the country. According to customer needs, a multi warehouse linkage intermodal transportation model can be adopted to truly achieve cloud warehouse functions and provide customers with fast services.


We have put together an international professional management team to firmly stay ahead of the ever-changing development trends of warehousing and logistics. The design and implementation can be customized to our customers’ warehousing and logistics needs. Solutions for customers can be adopted and modified, in combination with Internet plus technology. Headquarters and branch employees strictly follow instructions to operate various processes, conduct daily inbound and outbound transactions, and complete the last mile of domestic door-to-door service when customers require it. Applying the new concept of “learning based development” to enable employees and enterprises to continuously learn, stimulate employees’ creativity, improve the overall team’s ability, and create a sustainable and professional team.


After years of experience accumulation and business screening the main business software, we have chosen to work with Oracle to jointly develop the NETSUITE system to ensure the daily operation and development needs of the business. The developed work environment meets the requirements of customer interface docking and data transmission. The software is designed in multiple languages, suitable for various application environments, ensuring smooth communication. Simultaneously connecting with relevant professional software companies in China, developing corresponding systems such as WMS, PC, mobile, and APP, improving TittusUSA business flow and enhancing its core competitiveness.


Customized warehousing and logistics solution design to provide value-added services for customers. Including order management, packaging design, inventory plan, transportation plan, etc.