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  • Warehousing

    Based on the different characteristics of customer needs and goods, standardized processes are implemented to strictly manage inbound and outbound inventory. These processes include the use of barcode labels, QR codes, and scanners to ensure accurate product management. Regularly scheduled inventory checks are conducted on goods to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the inventory. Strict security and safety policies are enforced, ensuring the full protection of the goods from theft and damage. Classifying and managing abnormal or returned products are conducted on behalf of the customer requests.

  • Packaging

    According to customer requirements, product packaging can be split and repackaged using methods such as pallets or larger boxes to reduce the workload of local acceptance, sorting, and distribution for customers. Ensuring reliable packaging and protecting products during transportation reassures the safety of the goods.

  • Container Consolidation

    Solve the difficulty of single factory consolidation for customers in the short term, with all factory products concentrated in TittusUSA warehouses. Based on the diverse and small demands of customers, we can achieve the simultaneous shipment of products from multiple factories, making it easy to ship the entire container. This shortens the delivery cycle for customers, quickly meets their needs, and reduces their local inventory, resulting in lower operating expenses.

  • Distribution

    Effectively use the 12 distribution center warehouses across China Mainland to make goods closer to customers. Based on the different product needs of each region, a combination of distribution warehouses and the availability of local warehouses can quickly accommodate the demand of any customers. Utilize the allocation function of each central warehouse to efficiently connect the last mile and enhance the customer service experience for building brand image.

  • Cargo Consolidation

    In combination with TittusUSA’s general warehouse and 12 central warehouses nationwide, we will make rational use of local logistics resources to realize the rapid, safe, and low-cost integration of goods from factories across Chinese Mainland, greatly reducing costs and creatinmg value for customers.

  • Domestic Transportation

    After 10 years of development, TittusUSA has accumulated numerous logistics and transportation fleet resources, which can ensure the timely and safe transportation of goods. Integrating various transportation resources can achieve inland shipping, railway, and road intermodal transportation, reducing transportation costs for customers. There are more than 20 self-owned transport vehicles in 12 distribution center warehouses in Chinese Mainland, which can meet the requirements of door-to-door terminal customer transport.

  • International Transportation

    After years of business development, we have developed an economical and effective sea transportation method. Our Collaboration with multiple high-quality international freight forwarders ensures transportation capacity resources and timeliness. Collaboration with large international logistics companies expands our network to carry out international joint transportation services by sea and broadens the reach of our services, greatly increasing more destination countries and the possibility to achieve door-to-door delivery methods.

  • Instantly send products inbound and outbound from our warehouses

    Through the deployment of software systems, we can quickly and accurately receive customer shipping instructions, and automatically allocate them to warehouse sorting terminals. At the same time, according to different customer demands, prepare orders for booking, load containers, prepare customs clearance, etc.  Orders can be issued simultaneously, and all logistic departments are synchronized and linked to respond quickly. Through intelligent software applications, design and deployment of the loading of different goods is achieved fast, efficiently, with an emphasis on cost-savings.

  • Manage and track your inventory 24/7 days a week.

    TittusUSA’s software system can open interfaces to the outside world, achieving seamless connection of information and transmitting shipment order information at any time. According to the actual needs of customers, they can access and analyze inventory, review receipt, and shipment information at any time. At each business node, automatic delivery and arrival information is sent to customers, making it easier for them to keep track of logistics progress. Provide customers with an on-site warehouse monitoring system, allowing them to monitor warehouse storage and loading and unloading sites at any time.